Students are advised, preferably on their first contact with the school and definitely upon enrollment, to give all necessary information about their pre-knowledge in Greek and specifically:


  • if they have attended lessons in the past
  • how long ago, for how long and for how many hours
  • in which school, using which textbook
  • if they have had a different type of contact with the Greek language (for example, they are of Greek descent etc)


Moreover, there is a placement test at the students’ disposal for the levels A, B and C that can be filled in and sent to us.

These steps enable the formation of groups and contribute to the best possible efficiency of each program.




  • Choose a time in which you will not be distracted.
  • If you do the test on paper, print and send us only the answer sheet.
  • Fill in the test only under your own steam, without any help from dictionaries, books or other people.
  • Start from the beginning and progress gradually as far as you can.
  • It is advisable to have breaks, but it is preferable not to leave half done exercises.
  • The difficulty of the exercises gradually increases. Have a look at all the exercises of the test you have chosen (A, B or C) and try to give as many answers as you can. In any case, everything that you have done is useful for us.  
  • When you finish, send us the test. You don’t need to look it over many times before you send it.


Click for downloading the tests: