1. Personal information given in the application form is used only by the school, only for the school’s purposes.



2. Cancellations are acceptable until 25 working days before the starting date of the program. In case of cancellation the pre-paid part of the fees and / or accommodation cost is fully refunded. Bank charges are payable by the student. In case of delayed cancellation* or non appearance of the student the pre-payment is not refunded.


*If the (delayed) cancelation is justified, the student has the right to re-enroll in a different course within the time frame of one year. 


3.  In case of delayed arrival or earlier departure of a student, there is no obligation by the school for a discount or for making up for the missed hours 



4. The school makes up for lessons missed on holidays.



5. The school is not responsible for illness, accident, theft or loss of personal belongings during the student’s presence in the school’s premises.



6. Groups are composed of 3 to 6 students.



7. The school still offers an intensive or standard program to less than three students but applies a reduction in the number of hours at the same cost.

In an intensive program:

For two students instead of three the number of hours daily is reduced from 4 to 3.

For one student instead of three the number of hours daily is reduced from 4 to 2.



8. A teaching hour has a duration of 50 minutes.



9. The school operates from 9.00 until 20.00. Intensive programs start usually at 9.00. However, depending on the school’s schedule limitations, a program can alternatively start later. Extra activities take place either just after the lesson or at a different time of day, always in consultation with the students